Thursday, January 15, 2009

Affiliate Prophet by Moses Isaac

Attention Affiliate Marketers: If you did not make an easy $500 to $5,000 profit last month, here's how to guarantee that you will next month...

Revolutionary 'Profit-Predicting' Software Almost Instantly Uncovers Sure-Money Affiliate Program & Keywords That You Can
Plug-In & Profit Today!

Skeptical?... With the steady flood of BS cramming your inbox these days, I don't blame you... That's why I'm going to show you EXACTLY how this software took a flat-lined affiliates web page and shocked it alive pumping $3,579 a month overnight.
Best Part... You can download this software today and immediately launch the most profitable affiliate campaign of your life!

Keep reading and discover...

How to create $100 a day affiliate campaign whenever you want... so that you can have as many affiliate websites that provide you a steady passive income.
Immediately transform ANY of your dead affiliate website to a steady income stream that pumps out hundreds or thousands per month with just a simple copy & paste to your webiste
How to uncover a list of "hidden" keywords that no one else will be using. You'll pay far less for the hot clicks your competition never even sees...
Peek under the hood of other affiliate pages to find out what's working before you go live. Steal the best headlines and keywords to guarantee high commissions...

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

This affiliate marketing thing was supposed to be easy.

And apparently it is... for some people.

Every day there's a new story about some rookie who raked in tens of thousands from his very first affiliate campaign... Meanwhile, you're sitting in front of your computer, constantly refreshing your accounts and making less than it costs to drive PPC to the product.

Or worse yet...

A Big Fat Goose Egg
But You've Done Everything Right.
Why Aren't You Making Money?
You chose a popular product from Clickbank, drove traffic using PPC and search engines... and then even applied every bag of tricks from the latest and most popular affiliate marketing ebooks... But what aren't you making any money while some people do it so easily?

"The No-Fail Affiliate Marketing System"
Creates $100 a Day Campaign on Demand
Tell you exactly where the money is... immediately using the revolutionary AIDA Formula.
Skyrockets conversions on all affiliate campaigns
Quickly transforms worthless sites to earning $2000 a month
Doesn't give other affiliates a fighting chance against you
Every affiliate campaign I launched using Affiliate Prophet became profitable.

But the best part is that..

It doesn't matter how little traffic you have
It doesn't matter how little money you have
It doesn't matter how little time you have
It doesn't matter if you are newbie or not
It doesn't matter how suck you are at PPC and affiliate marketing

With Affiliate Prophet's Exclusive AIDA Formula
All the Risk is Completely Wiped Out!
With Affiliate Prophet's revolutionary AIDA formula, you can immediately predict which affiliate program, which headlines, subheads, and keywords were converting best and used them to instantly build the ultimate affiliate landing page!

Using AIDA formula, you can accurately guess and compare which keywords or webpage converts better even if visitor doesn't buy or take any actions. Thus it allows you to get the testing results accurately and extremely quickly with only few visitors, slashing cost and time dramatically.

(Familiar with AIDA formula? Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. It tracks each of these four elements.)

You're Not Using Affiliate Prophet, You Are
Leaving $100's of Dollars on the Table Everyday
You'd be shocked at how many people waste their money.

A lot of people make AdWords much harder than it needs to be. They spend far too much on keywords that don't convert well. They completely miss the "emotional trigger hot button" keywords and waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Or you have the other people - the ones who worry themselves with making spreadsheets filled with thousands upon thousands of terms. They make all kinds of complicated rocket-science formulas, test out mis-spellings of keywords, use thesauruses to find out comparable words, etc...

And to me - that's just too much work. Especially if you're starting out. I'm all about working smarter, not harder.

That's why my system is simple but extremely potent. It'll weed out bad keywords within hours so you can make money from the very start.

Some of the keywords it'll help you find are going to be absolute gems. You'll only have to pay pennies on the dollar for them. You might not get thousands per click, but you can easily earn 500x your investment back.

Take action if you are serious because $97 is Not Going to Last Long and the price will be much higher very soon.

But honestly, the price increase will be nothing compared to hundreds of dollars you could be losing if you don't use affiliate prophet.

Moses Isaac
Skype Id : moses1965